• Image of Healixer  Lip Kit

Coconut + Hibiscus Polishing Lip Mask

Polishes away uneven texture, brightens and restores moistures

Lips are soft...supple...plump

What’s in it ?
Raw Coconut oil
Safflower oil
Raw cane sugar
Wild African honey
Hibiscus powder
Vitamin E oil

How do I use it?

Polish in circular motions using clean fingers
Smooth lips and leave on for 2-5 minutes rinse or wipe off for superior moisture

Apply Healixer Silkening lip oil afterwards

Healixer silkening lip oil

Dry lips be GONE!
This radiating lip oil softens the lips restores moisture and promotes even tone to lips. Gentle for every day use

What’s in it?

Safflower oil
Pumpkin seed oil
Castor oil
Sunflower oil
Spearmint essential oil

How do I use it ?
Smooth onto clean freshly dried lips ...press lips firmly afterwards ...can be used everyday